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Eliane Amina Schoch

Release and transform any tension with ease 

on a physical, mental and spiritual level thanks to Quantum Healing.

What are you ready for? What can you allow to be released and transformed?


Quantum Healing is an ancient form of healing. We ourselves and everything that surrounds us is energy. Knowing this, we can imagine that we are all connected and resonating.

When I use Quantum Healing I get in touch with my higher self which is the source of creativity and intuition. There I set impulses that resonate in the client's energy field, also in the subconscious. Since the subconscious also plays part in all decisions that we make, profound transformation is possible with Quantum Healing.

Quantum Healing requires your openness and willingness to allow your topic to transform positively. Only the topics you give permission for will be solved whilst utilising Quantum Healing. 


Any form of tension can be released with Quantum Healing. Here are a few examples achieved for my clients: 

  • Relieve pain such as headache, back or knee pain

  • Job interview: strengthen confidence in yourself, be allowed to show yourself

  • Release grief over loss

  • Transform beliefs

  • Strengthening of self-esteem

  • Resolve difficult relationship with parents

If several topics comes up, we will find out in a conversation which one is most prominent.


Since Quantum Healing works energetically, regardless of physical distance, I offer Quantum Healing via internet calls. This is ideal for relaxing in a harmonious place that suits you, far from external sensory impressions.

Telephoning with headphones is recommended. 



The first Quantum Healing session lasts approximately 60 minutes. I shall explain how Quantum Healing works and how I use it. Then we will talk about the issue that may be transformed. During Quantum Healing, you can relax and simply perceive.

Quantum Healing Introductory session

60 minutes | CHF 130


Quantum Healing Impulse session

20 minutes | CHF 60

5 session package | CHF 260

1 - 3 weeks after a session on the same topic.

Quantum Healing Short session

30 minutes each | CHF 80

5 session package | CHF 350

If the topic is clear and only a short exchange is desired.

Quantum Healing Normal session

60 minutes | CHF 150

5 session package | CHF 660

Quantum Healing Session with The Light Process

70 minutes | CHF 170

3 session package 60 - 70 minutes | CHF 450


We need money to live. I value myself and my work, even with the prices quoted. At the same time, I would like to give people access to Quantum Healing for whom these prices are not possible due to their situation. If this is the case for you, please contact me.



My path led me to Quantum Healing with Heart in 2021. Through very different aspects and experiences of mine, which have matured and transformed over the years, find their place in the application of Quantum Healing with Heart.

My gift is to listen impartially, to intuitively grasp the core of the matter and, if necessary, to find appropriate words for it. This helps uncover what needs to be revealed and transformed. Quantum Healing with Heart supports the transformation process in the best possible way.

I personally use Quantum Healing in my everyday life in very different situations and I am grateful for it from the bottom of my heart. I would like to share this joy.


Since 2022 Quantum Healing With Heart


Since 2019 Substitute Primary School Teacher

Region Zurich

Since 2018 Yoga Course Leader

Y.E.S. Starke Mädchen, Zurich

Since 2019 Guide Chanting & Kirtan

Samatvam Yoga School, Zurich



Claire from Canada

The first time I worked with Eli I was so surprised by how profound the experience was! I liked that she took the time to explain everything to me and that she was describing what she was seeing as she was working. I just remained open and aware of my body sensations and there were some very profound moments. Afterwards I felt much lighter and over the next few days and even a week later, my whole spirit felt lighter.In my next session with her I felt a sense of relief and peace and deep connection during and afterwards. I think Eli has a very special gift and I will continue to see her for energetic “tune-ups”. I appreciate how she can help me connect with my inner resources and support me in my healing and growth!



We create our own world, our own reality over and over again. I am happy to accompany and encourage you to go your own way with ease in order to live your individuality with joy.

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